• Premise: Clients are becoming ever more quality-sensitive.
  • Challenge: How an organization with a standardized service model can repeatedly delight customers whose expectations grow with every interaction?

Critical aspects of client experience:

  1. Smooth onboarding – a warm welcome 
  2. Service excellence – a zero-error product 
  3. Anticipatory service – a proactive approach
  4. Graceful separation (if need be)

Delivering world-class service interactions:

  • This largely rests on the skill and dedication of employees, which in turn depend on:
    • Hiring
    • Job design
    • Training
    • Performance management 
    • Culture
    • Continuous improvement

Key ideas & takeaways:

  • Give the freedom for people to create WOW moments for clients 
    • Create a point or dollar system so each individual who interacts with customers can offer them a small token like free service or product
  • Establish and maintain a list of rules of thumb that build on your values
    • Examples:
      • If something takes less than 5 min do it, instead of submitting a ticket
      • Explore alternatives to any request that cannot be fulfilled
      • Always provide an ETA for request and provide updates when an ETA is not going to be met
        • Everyone loves ETAs
        • Nobody will ever say: I wish I did not get an ETA for this request
      • Take ownership of mistakes made by your team
      • Do not point fingers – offer a path to a solution instead 
      • When a request is completed always ask if anything else is needed
      • If you can show someone how to do something instead of sending them instructions that is always better
    • Create taglines that reinforce these and circulate them – make them part of the culture