About Milen Vasilev

I work with teams to develop and continuously improve digital marketing products and services. My leadership and project management are defined by the team, continuous improvement, and the spirit of challenge. I use data to drive sustainable quality improvements and ensure efficiency.

Key achievements:

> Streamlined operations through process and product refining, and cross-functional collaboration
> Developed an SEO program, refined deliverables, process, and coordination
> Coordinated an Enterprise SEO model wider adoption
> Streamlined a Website program
> Mapped & streamlined processes
> Built workflows for the SEO & Website programs
> Built FTE forecasting models
> Streamlined and refined the hiring & onboarding process
> Managed offshore & vendor relationships
> Coordinated platform migrations
> Built business reviews, created comprehensive revenue tracker, and capacity calculator
> Improved reporting and visibility for leaders
> Introduced organized continuous improvement and innovation
> Trained teams on all CMS types
> Streamlined SOW and other external documentation
> Mentored and provided direction to the teams

Key drivers:

> Deep understanding of data science, statistical methods, technology, and platforms
> Knowledge of broader business frameworks, models, and case studies necessary for organizational engineering and sustainable growth
> Keenness for open & deliberate culture that centers on diversity and inclusion

Approach to Enterprise SEO program development:

> Identify organic growth opportunities and technical enhancements by evaluating data and analyzing trends
> Conduct deep competitive analysis and research
> Create a strategic roadmap based on the latest SEO best practices to stay on the cutting-edge of the industry
> Break down the roadmap into goals and key initiatives and develop an execution plan
> Guide new product development through the entire lifecycle – from understanding customer pain points and defining the solution through development, launch, and scale
> Define requirements, goals, and success metrics
> Work with design and engineering to execute technical enhancements
> Provide regular SEO performance updates to key stakeholders
> Partner with stakeholders to ensure new features and site changes fit the SEO strategy
> Identify ways to achieve higher conversions while maintaining overall scalability
> Maintain high visual design, brand, and user experience standards
> Construct an operating model that aligns with goals and team capacity, and offers transparency for all stakeholders

You can find all my experience on LinkedIn