The bigger the job the more complex the interview process likely is. That means you have to prepare more. You have to prepare and you have to research what are the format, content and tests during the interview process. Here is an outline that may help.

  1. Make sure you Linkedin profile is bulletproof
    1. Make sure your resume is aligned to your Linkedin job experience
  2. The interview process will vary but here as an outline of a multi-step one:
    1. This company’s process is a variation but still very thorough:
    2. Here is the most common process:
      1. HR or recruiter interview
        1. These ten questions you have to know inside and out and always practice for 1st round of HR or recruiter interviews:
      2. IQ and personality test
        1. Practice IQ test for format and types of questions. Here are two good options for practice (there are more online):
      3. Hiring manager interview
        1. Find a list of discipline-specific questions and practice them. Finance example:
      4. Technical test or project
        1. Research what technical test are common in your discipline and practice them
      5. 3rd interview with upper leadership
        1. Here you can be asked questions that are more in the abstract or off-beat
          1. Example: Can you give an example of a complex concept and explain it in simple terms?
      6. 4th interview – potentially a tie breaker interview with someone else within the hiring company
      7. Final decision and offer