1. Improve productivity

  1. Improve 3x tasks process efficiency each month
  2. Cut back on 3x unnecessary activities each month
  3. Refine your bookmarks once per month

2. Improve transparency 

  1. Have at least one meaningful coaching moment with each team member per month
  2. Share be vulnerable at least one time per month with your team

3. Improve systems and processes

  1. Actively ask for feedback at least once a month
  2. Implement at least one update that adds value
  3. Optimize at least one set of instructions per month

4. Introduce case studies

  1. Do one weekly case study with the team
  2. Share findings with cross-incisional groups 

5. Empower others and help them grow

  1. Ask at least one growth-oriented question on 1:1s each month
  2. Share examples of growth paths and development at least once a month

6. Improve the flow of information

  1. Simplify information storage and center it in one place that leads to all rest by end of Q1
  2. Emphasize the importance is this step in team meetings at least once a month

7. Run projects all the time

  1. Complete at least one major project or phase from a project each month that makes the team better
  2. Ensure each individual has an assigned project each month and help them succeed with it 

8. Develop deeper Enterprise SEO models

  1. Use at least one precedent deep dive per month to improve the SEO model
  2. Build at least one programmatic SEO template per month
  3. Find one thing to improve about the custom reports
  4. Pull trends data once a month and share it with the team
  5. Research one new statistical approach to enhance data perspectives per month

9. Introduce a feedback machine

  1. Create tangible feedback mechanisms by end of Q2
  2. Use it to provide constructive feedback to each individual monthly

10. Do more testing

  1. Test H tags optimization this month
  2. Test persuasive language use at the end of title tags this month
  3. Test CTA language use at the beginning of title tags this month
  4. Test title tags length and inclusions of topical keywords next month
  5. Test content placement on category pages next month
  6. Test known brand inclusion in title tags next month
  7. Test dashes vs pipes in title tags next quarter
  8. Test  the effectiveness of CTA-like meta descriptions next quarter
  9. Test emojis use in title tags next quarter

11. Streamline operations through process and product refining, and cross-functional collaboration

  1. Created comprehensive revenue and capacity tracker for the Custom SEO group by EOM
  2. Introduce better visibility into campaign health by EOM
  3. Train the team on all CMS types and created instructions for them – one per month
  4. Outsource low priority technical tasks to a vendor by end of Q3
  5. Create a tier-driven employee mapping model by end of Q3
  6. Introduce proactive case studies and deep dives and incorporate them into deliverables templates by end of Q3
  7. Optimized the hiring process through a comprehensive Interview questionnaire and a technical assessment by end of Q3
  8. Export the SEO model to all offices by end of Q4
  9. Help streamline the content order process by adding structure to the order format by end of Q4
  10. Mentored and provided direction for the team in at least one meaningful way each month

12. Self-improvement goals

  1. Continue exploration of data science and apply one aspect of it to SEO each quarter
  2. Continue exploration of business case studies, frameworks and approaches and apply one new thing each quarter